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Bobby Morrison offers a broad range of headstones, vases, tablets, bibles, and wedges in our range of monumentals. A selection of these is available for viewing at each of our funeral homes. Price is dependent on the size and colour of the stone chosen.  Full details are available upon request.

When selecting a headstone, it is important to consider how many people might eventually be interred at each grave, so that there is sufficient room for each inscription.

It is important to understand in advance that there is a necessary time delay after interment before monumental stones can be erected, to allow the ground to settle. Inclement weather can sometimes delay the erection of a headstone and, if required, any additional lettering must be added in fair weather conditions so that the lettering itself may affix correctly onto the stone.

You will receive a written estimate for approval once you have indicated your preferences, and work will commence upon receipt of a down payment and your written instructions.

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Once we are contacted we will arrange for your loved one to be brought into our care and agree a suitable time for you to meet with us to start the funeral arrangements.

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