In the days following a death, you may need to consider a list of items and individuals to contact.

For example, the following is a list of people or organisations you may need to inform about matters related to the deceased:

  • A bank or building society – Accounts may need to be closed and any joint accounts may need to be amended;
  • The Inland Revenue – Telephone or write to your local district office and give them the name of the deceased and his/her National Insurance number. There may be a rebate of tax due in certain cases;
  • The family doctor and or hospital – Any outstanding appointments should be cancelled;
  • Any employer, school, college or university;
  • Social Services – You may need to cancel any housing/rate benefits and council tax.
  • Social Security – Form 36/BD8 needs to be completed to cancel any direct payments into a bank account. The Registrar of Deaths can provide a white certificate. There is also a Bereavement Support Payment and the Social Fund Funeral Payment which can be applied for and may assist you in partially covering the cost of the funeral;
  • Investment and Insurance Companies, including car insurance companies;
  • Investments. Premium Bonds are not transferable. The Post Office can issue you with a form that needs to be sent to the Bonds and Stocks Office.
  • Insurance Policies – The policyholder’s name may have to be changed, especially with regard to car insurance, as you may not legally have insured to drive if a policy is in the deceased’s name. In order to redeem life assurance policies, the insurance company will require the Policy Document and a Death Certificate;
  • Credit Card and Store Card Companies;
  • Oil, Gas, Electric, Telephone, Cable or Satellite Companies;
  • Any Professional Associations;
  • The Local Authority;
  • And/or the Post Office (for mail to be re-directed, a small charge may be levied).

This is not an exhaustive list and our funeral directors are at hand for further advice or guidance on this matter.

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Once we are contacted we will arrange for your loved one to be brought into our care and agree a suitable time for you to meet with us to start the funeral arrangements.

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