Pre Arranged Funeral Plans


Funeral costs are something many people don’t think about in advance of a death occurring.  It can be a distressing time.  When funeral costs are unanticipated, the financial can unnecessarily add to the pressure and anxiety a family may experience.

This can be avoided.  Pre-arranging a funeral plan is a helpful financial tool that provides peace of mind and can help save money. It enables you to fix the cost of funeral services at today’s prices, saving on average some 7% per annum (according to a number of different funeral pricing surveys).  As well as providing a financial benefit, a funeral plan offers independence and peace of mind, as your exact wishes will be recorded in the plan, removing the burden from your family when death occurs.

Bobby Morrison offers The Perfect Choice Funeral Plan. It is the plan recommended by the National Association of Funeral Directors, the trade association whose membership represents 85% of all UK Funeral Directors.  Ecclesiastical Insurance, one of the largest insurers in the UK manages the Fund.

Should you wish to receive information about our Perfect Choice Funeral Plan, please contact us by phone, or call into one of our branches. Alternatively, just click on the Send Content Enquiry button above to send an email enquiry and we will contact you to discuss the options and provide advice.

A personalised approach

Once we are contacted we will arrange for your loved one to be brought into our care and agree a suitable time for you to meet with us to start the funeral arrangements.

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