All deaths must now be registered with the Local Authority using a green form, which our staff can make available upon request. We can assist you in completing this form should you require help. A death cannot be registered without a green form.

The following information will be required to complete the form:

  • Full name and surname of the deceased.
  • Usual address (if different to place of death)
  • Date and Place of Death.
  • Date and Place of Birth (Birth Certificate if available).
  • The Medical Certificate of Cause of Death.
  • The name and address of the deceased’s GP.
  • Maiden Surname (if the deceased was a woman who had married).
  • Status (Married, Single, Divorced, etc.) and sex.
  • Occupation (if the deceased was a wife or widow, the full names and occupation of her husband (or deceased husband) will be required. If the deceased was a child, the full names and occupation of the father will be required, or where the parents are not married, the full names and occupation of the mother will be required.

Where do I register a death?

A death can be registered at your local town hall or at the closest town hall to the place of death.

Upon registration, you will be handed two documents:

  • A GRO 21 – a document confirming council permission for either burial or cremation to take place. This will be required by your funeral director before the council will allow the funeral to take place.
  • The death certificate – many organisations, such as banks, building societies, insurance companies etc. require an original death certificate to be provided, so it is recommended that you purchase at least three copies of this document.

We are here to help with any questions you may have about registering a death.

A personalised approach

Once we are contacted we will arrange for your loved one to be brought into our care and agree a suitable time for you to meet with us to start the funeral arrangements.

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