Funeral Directors Lisburn, Banbridge, Hillsborough, Belfast: Bobby Morrison

Paying for your Funeral Plan

Payment in full

  Simple Way Traditional Way Exclusive Way
One Single Payment £3,685.00 £4,065.00 £4,399.00

Pay by monthly instalments

We offer two options for paying by instalments: spread the cost of your plan over 12 months at no additional cost or pay for your plan over any period between 2 years and 20 years, depending on your age, with our Low Cost instalment payment option.

Details of payments when choosing to pay by 12 monthly payments are detailed below. For more information and a quote for paying by the Low Cost Instalment payment option, please call us.

The following table indicates your 12 monthly instalments, depending on the play you choose.

  Simple Way
Traditional Way
Exclusive Way
Minimum deposit £99.00 £99.00 £99.00
11 Payments of £298.84 £330.50 £358.34
Final Payment of £298.76 £330.50 £358.26

Pay by low cost instalments

Pay by fixed monthly payments

If you pay by fixed monthly payments, at the end of the first two years, and as long as you keep paying your payments when due, your funeral director's services included within your plan will be guaranteed. Your funeral arrangements are made with Golden Charter, who will use your payments to take out a life assurance policy with AXA Wealth Ltd. This will fund your funeral when you die.