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Most of us spend our time planning and preparing for special personal events such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. Why should funerals be any different? We offer reliable and guaranteed pre-paid planning services (Golden Charter) to give peace of mind. When a funeral has been pre-arranged, families tend to take comfort at the time of death simply from knowing the funeral reflects their loved one's personal wishes.

Golden Charter are able to provide choices.

Before you decide, consider the following:

Is it value for money?
Unlike an insurance policy or bank account, a pre-paid plan guarantees to cover the costs at any time in the future.

Is there anything to pay later?
Yes. Press notices, floral tributes, catering and memorial work.

Do I have freedom of choice?
At any time you can change your choice of funeral director.

Is my investment safe?
Once the payment has been made it is placed in a trust with an independent company to ensure it is there when required, whatever happens.


This involves no pre-payment. Following discussion with you and and after agreeing your individual requirements, all the funeral arrangements are then put on record by our funeral manager and a copy is sent to you for safe keeping. In the event that these arrangements are needed, your executor or next of kin will have access to your copy. The costs at that time would be paid following the funeral.

Charges - Please note that we make no charge for the assistance and advice given in preparing.